Welcome to 39047142_10217134123774588_4296206643172999168_nmy Homepage. I am a 3rd year PhD student at the University of Bristol, under the joint supervision of Prof. Jens Marklof and Prof. Bálint Tóth.

Research Interests:

Dynamical Systems, Probability Theory, Number Theory.

Upcoming Talks/Conference Invitations:

  • 16/04: Rutgers –  Number Theory Seminar.
  • 24/04: UT Austin – Mathematical Physics Seminar.
  • 26/04: University of Houston – Dynamical Systems Seminar.



¹ The image in the header is a ‘sparse Ford configuration’. That is, the orbit of the unfilled circles under the action of a discrete subgroup with infinite covolume. For more information, this will be introduced in a forthcoming paper.